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Big ‘NO’ on fenceFor me the fence was about safety, to keep kids in not vandals out. It doesn’t have to be high just child proof.

–Joshua Johnson

Council taking the moral high ground thinking it will create a utopia with no crime…I don’t think so. It’s council’s job to be practical & pragmatic. Think about safety. I’m sure your insurer’s would be receptive.

–David Lane

Nobody has eyes in the back of their heads and things happen. It’s the safety of children that should matter not whether a fence is going to ruin the look.

–Cheryl Cook

No fence it will detract away from the relaxed atmosphere there, it’s awesome our kids love it.

–Nigel Reeves

I cannot believe that we have such a wonderful beautiful playground, yet such negative comments. If you don’t like it, don’t go there.

–Louise Clark

Never been won’t go! Never heard anything good and my autistic boy is a runner so the traffic in Kable Ave is a big no no.

–HayleyJake Baldock

Afence isn’t the fix. It’s parents being responsible for their kids that needs to be fixed.

–Mat-Bob Allen

It doesn’t need a fence, parents just need to get their bloody heads out of their phones and supervise their children simple as that.

–Lisa Marie Lanesbury Gillin

Difference between Anzac Park and the new playground at Kable Ave is there is actually a river that runs behind the Kable Ave park and it’s very, very unsafe for children.

–Tina McMaster

Fence it. Hate the park I go to animal park. So much better and at least it’s more safe.

–Lucy Howarth

The fence was never about the vandals…it was about the safety of the children who use the playground…we don’t want accidents on the road or in the river.

–Sharon Plews Housden

Fence please! It would make our visits to the playground much more manageable, secure and frequent.–​Kate Hofman

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