Locals react after fence ruled out for playground

“It needs a fence for the children’s safety.”

– Kelli Allgood

“Never went to a fenced park when I grew up. Granted I was taught about the dangers of certain thing like rivers and strangers. When I was too young to comprehend that sort of things my parents always had someone supervise me. It doesn’t need a fence. Its a playground not a jail.”

–Chris Byrnes

“Unfortunately I think this playground has been and will continue to be a bottomless money pit.”

– Kim Drain

“I can’t see why tax / rate payers should pay for this $65,000 for a fance i don’t and will not use it.”

– Adam Tjanavaras

“I simply don’t go there because there is no fence. With 3 little ones it’s extremely difficult.”

–Bridie McCoy

“I dont even have kids, but every time I drive past there, I worry about the possibilities of some little kid running out. Definitely a concern.”

–Helen Pollock

“Ithink more cameras n maybe even some night patrol would be better use than a fence.”

– Mel Tindall

“They fence swimming pools for safety reason but you don’t see a big unfenced park a safety issue.”

–Cheryl Cook

“Its alright to have an ideal of how things should be but the fact is all the security in the world is not going to stop idiots from vandalizing the playground at night. To say its ok to throw money at the problem is all well and good but its us the ratepayers who are paying for it.”

–Jillian Robin Grey

“Shouldn’t fencing a children’splayground near a road be OH&S like it is for fencing around pools.”

–Kaicy Milne

“I’m not going to take my boy back to thereis a fence. You have a river on one side and a main road on the other.”

–Janelle Franklin

“If you spend $2.2 million on a park – put up a fence to protect it. Simple.”

–Brittaney Mitchell

“There’s a beautiful fenced playground along the main road at Guyra. Are they accepting of anti social problems? There’s a fabulous fenced and undercover playground at Tenterfield, are you implying they’re accepting of knuckle dragging arses?”

–Trev Smith

“OMG, it’s not about community behaviour, it’s about the safety of our children! I won’t take my children there on my own anymore, it’s not worth the risk.”

–Samantha Joy Wibberley

“Yup I don’t go there because there is no fence.”

–Prue Russ

“With the duck ponds so close to the park and kids wondering off.I’m surprised there hasn’t been a drowning yet.”

–Simone Law

“No a fence will ruin the look of relax n fun place to be.We just need to respect it (well the ones ruining it for everyone else).”

–Lillian Mood

“I don’t take my kids to this park because it’s unfenced.”–Ashleigh Lang

“Even a fence with gates along the road side, not to fence out people but to prevent little kids running out in front of a car! You will never stop the vandals and idiots who want to destroy things fence or no fence.”

–Ann Davies

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