Letters to the editor

Mad Hatters: Staff at Seeto Dodd and Dwyer enthusiastically participate in the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce’s crazy hat day on Friday, August 19. Who is payingIt was recently reported in the News Weekly that problems with the new asphalt on the lead up and across the causeway were caused by faulty asphalt mix.
Nanjing Night Net

Since then a section has been removed and replaced and is no better than before. Council has been installing drainage and digging up soft sections. Why was this not done prior to the laying of the asphalt?

Is all the “faulty” asphalt going to be removed and replaced and who is paying, the ratepayers or the contractor?

Sub soil drainage was placed adjacent to the kerb on the lake side of the road, surely ground moisture would be coming from the opposite side of the road, not up out of the lake!How much has this debacle cost the ratepayers?It is evident the whole job has been poorly planned and executed.

Kevin Griffin, Tura Beach

WombatsAs much as some people despise Australia’s fauna particularly wombats due to fencing issues, and macro pods as they are viewed as competitors for pasture, many people do appreciate and value their presence.

And as much as some accidents are unavoidable, the number of dead wombats along the highway between Pambula and Bega is unacceptable.We excuse trucks for their size, speed and inability to avoid hitting an animal, therefore accepting that this is the price ‘we’ pay for transported goods.

We humans don’t pay unless you are the one rescuing or the one caring for an orphan which may bring joy but also unconditional commitment in raising and releasing, in the hope a good long life is guaranteed.

How do we lessen the road kill/injury rate for our already pressured wildlife, including reptiles and echidnas? Besides being vigilant motoristshow about reducing speeds in certain hotspots, or decreasing traffic at certain hours in the night or creating corridors/tunnels allowing smaller creatures to move through. I realise, easier said than done, but nothing is impossible.

One would think due to the number of dead wombats on the roads that they are indeed common, but there is no denying that due residential housing, habitat loss, fencing material/design, sarcoptic mange, road kill and shootings, wombats are facing an uncertain and wretched future, as with our wildlife in general.

I don’t know of any child who thinks our wildlife is ugly, or deserving of ill treatment or feels good when there is a death or injury, quite the opposite. We must as responsible adults, consider our future generations interests, for in reality it is their world we are borrowing.Please look out and after our nation’s amazing wildlife.

Donalea Eaton,EdenNOT IN MY NAME When the Four Corners program revealed the mistreatment of indigenous youth most Australians were rightly outraged that the actions shown were condoned in an Australian detention centre.

Thankfully the government acted swiftly to instigate a royal Commission which will address these wrongs and hopefully instigate measures to correct them.

When the Guardian Newspaper revealed the gross mistreatment of asylum seekers in our overseas detention facilities the government sought to blame the asylum seekers or to down play the severity of the reports.

The Moss report, a senate inquiry and the Guardian’s reporting have time and again shown that we, the Australian people (through governments of both persuasions), are allowing children, women and men to be sexually, physically and psychologically abused in these hell holes in the Pacific. I cannot sit by and by my silence condone the actions of my government.

They do not act in my name. I repudiate this off shore processing and detention policy. End this blight on the name and character of Australia. Bring the asylum seekers here.

Greg Box, Tura BeachThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.