Bondi Fitness First personal trainer Lee Clark gets five years for dealing drugs

Lee Clark was a mid-level drug dealer while working as a personal trainer at Fitness First. Photo: SuppliedAfter a Sydney personal trainer was declared bankrupt, he decided to roll the dice and live a double life.

Lee Clark, 43, who worked at Fitness First Bondi Platinum gym, was running a sophisticated criminal side business out of his Randwick apartment and a Paddington garage.

A day before his arrest Clark was recorded saying: “I could end up in a prison cell, you know? It’s not like, it’s not all peaches and cream, but you know?”

Clark was not only selling cocaine, ecstasy and steroids to clients himself but also employed five other people to run drugs for him.

He prepared the drugs for sale by cutting the cocaine with other substances, placing MDMA into capsules, weighing and placing the cocaine into plastic bags for distribution and packaging the steroids in vials for sale.

On Friday, Clark was sentenced to a minimum five-year jail term in the NSW District Court.

In a conversation recorded by police, Clark spoke to an associate about how much cocaine he was selling.

“I have five people working for me as well. Yeah I give them, I give them each week about forty bags. They make eighty, ninety bucks on one, I make a hundred.

“I just paid two fifty for a kilo of coke and still got one twenty in a safety deposit, just sits there doing nothing you know what I mean? If someone raided me now they’d find nothing. Find about, probably five, six bags, that’s it.”

But police found a whole lot more when they raided his unit, a garage and a safety deposit box he had registered in someone else’s name on March 26, 2014.

Police found $143,980 in cash, 417 grams of cocaine, 402 grams of MDMA and nearly 60 kilograms of steroids.

In the Paddington garage officers also found a hydraulic pill press, a booklet titled Cocaine Handbook, a set of electronic scales, various sizes of plastic bags, a Sunbeam Foodsaver vacuum packager and 563.9 grams of lignocaine – a substance commonly used to cut cocaine for supply.

Court documents obtained by Fairfax Media outline how Clark met one Commonwealth Bank employee three times in seven days, selling him a total of 10 grams of cocaine.

Just hours before his arrest, Clark met the Commonwealth Bank employee known as the “Irish guy” and sold him six grams of cocaine at the Rose Bay Caltex Service station.

After the sale, police record Clark talking to an associate about how much cocaine he sells the “Irish guy”.

Clark: “Irish guy, f—ing, I don’t know how he’s still alive. And him alone uses for himself at least ten bags a week … ten to fifteen. He just got six off me now.”

Associate: “Aren’t you worried that if something happens to the guy it’s going to come back to you? If he dies?”

Clark: “Mate, he holds a job down, he works at Commonwealth Bank. What would they do, go through his phone, if they see a dodgy number, that phone gets thrown away.”

During his sentencing remarks on Friday, Judge Andrew Scotting​ took into account Clark’s guilty plea and noted he suffered from depression and drug and gambling addictions at the time of the offences.

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