A lot more work needs to be done for a casino

I was amazed to see the comments in a local newspaper with the headline, “We need this”.

We certainly need something as we watch Mildura continue to change, and not for the better.

This is all premature, as has been said, the likelihood of a licence being granted appears pretty remote, but there is certainly no harm in considering a concept that would provide us with a large theatre which would mean that we would entice bigger attractions and, hopefully conferences to a convention centre. I was not aware of a meeting but from the drawing in the paper the centre itself looks to me to be fairly unattractive.

I was also not aware multi-storey buildings could be built on the proposed site but I suppose the council can, as it appears that it has done before, change the zoning to meet the projects they may wish to support.

I know many people are opposed to the casino from the point of view of gambling, but gamblers can gamble on their phone and in many ways that are easily accessible and people like myself who don’t gamble will not suddenly start gambling just because we have a casino.

The issue of the type of people who are involved in casinos and possible criminal activities to which people allude will need to be addressed, but from my point of view I believe it would bring growth and employment to our city which would be a positive outcome.

I am just amazed to see the people supporting this “casino/convention centre” when only a short time ago many in the town were aghast at a proposal from a different proponent.

The concept was similar, the plan for the area down to the river and the building, walkways, shops, piazzas and so on were all very attractive and much more fitting for our climate.

Come on Mildura – let’s build something other than shops, many of which are empty as I predicted they would be. Bite the bullet, get community support, ensure that the building is aesthetically pleasing and hassle the state government to give us something instead of taking something away.

Make our state politicians work and represent the wants and needs of the community and support private investors who are willing to invest in our city.

Eileen Pica,


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